Magnitude Estimation Data


Title Magnitude Estimation Data
Authors Petzschner Frederike, Glasauer Stefan,
Description Data is stored in two Matlab files. AE_all.mat contains the raw angular estimation data, DE_all.mat the raw distance estimation data for all participants. Each structure in the cell array Data is for one participant and contains pdata (produced distance or angle, that’s the stimulus) and rdata (re-produced distance or angle, the response). There are 3x180 values, first dimension are the three ranges used, so Data{1}.pdata(1,:) contains the stimuli for participant 1 and the short range in the angular estimation experiment (given you loaded AE_all.mat). Call load('AE_all.mat') plot(Data{1}.pdata',Data{1}.rdata','.') xlabel('stimulus (deg)'),ylabel('reproduction (deg)') to plot the angular estimation data for participant one with each range shown in a different color.
License Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License (
References Petzschner FH, Glasauer S (2011) Iterative Bayesian Estimation as an Explanation for Range and Regression Effects: A Study on Human Path Integration. J Neurosci 31(47):17220 –17229. [doi:10.1523/JNEUROSCI.2028-11.2011]
Funding BMBF, BCCN 01GQ0440
Keywords Neuroscience
Distance Estimation
Data This dataset can be browsed online here or downloaded as a zip archive (216 KiB). The current version of the dataset repository, possibly with updates, can be found here.
DOI 10.12751/g-node.21796b
Citation This dataset can be cited as:
Petzschner F, Glasauer S, (2020) Magnitude Estimation Data. G-Node. doi:10.12751/g-node.21796b
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Resource Type Dataset