Comparative microelectrode array dataset of the functional development of hPSC-derived and rat neuronal networks

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  1. Neuro Group, Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology, Tampere University


Published 07 May. 2021 | License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License


We provide a dataset of microelectrode array recordings (MEA) from human pluripotent stem cell (hPSC)-derived and rat embryonic cortical neurons during in vitro maturation and pharmacological treatment at their mature stage. Together with the recorded raw MEA data, we share the analysis code that produces the key scientific findings published previously with this dataset (Hyvärinen et al., 2019), including PCA analysis to reveal the distinction between rat and human cell activity features. The data enables evaluation and comparison of hPSC-derived and rat cortical cultures in terms of functional development and response to pharmacological treatment. The 12500 Hz sampled data is recorded with Axion 12-well plates (for developmental tracking) and 48-well plates (for pharmacological experiments). Raw data constitute time series of extracellularly recorded voltage values in Volts. The duration of the recordings varies from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the experimental set-up. Each raw MEA data file contains organised meta-data. This dataset is valuable for experimental and computational neuroscientists and any signal analyst with interest for neuronal signalling. The accurate detailed description of data is delivered in the corresponding publication (Kapucu et al., submitted).


| Neuroscience | Electrophysiology | Microelectrode array | MEA | Extracellular recordings | Action potential | Neuronal connectivity | Spike analysis | Burst analysis | Stem cell-derived neurons | Neuronal network development |


  • Kapucu, F.E., Vinogradov A., Hyvärinen T., Ylä-Outinen L., Narkilahti S. (2022) Comparative microelectrode array data of the functional development of hPSC-derived and rat neuronal networks. Scientific Data volume 9, 120.
  • Hyvärinen, T., Hyysalo, A., Kapucu, F.E., Aarnos, L., Vinogradov, A., Eglen, J.E., Ylä-Outinen, L., Narkilahti, S. (2019). Functional characterization of human pluripotent stem cell-derived cortical networks differentiated on laminin-521 substrate: comparison to rat cortical cultures. Scientific Reports volume 9, 17125.


  • Academy of Finland 332693 (Fikret Emre Kapucu), 286990/326436 (Laura Ylä-Outinen), 312414 and 311017 (Susanna Narkilahti)
  • Orion Research Foundation grant for postdoctoral research 2019 (Fikret Emre Kapucu), grant for doctoral dissertation work 2020 (Andrey Vinogradov)


Kapucu FE, Vinogradov A, Hyvärinen T, Ylä-Outinen L, Narkilahti S (2021) Comparative microelectrode array dataset of the functional development of hPSC-derived and rat neuronal networks . G-Node.