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Single unit data isolated from linear multielectrode arrays while recording in awake fixating monkeys and gratings drifted on the screen
Daumail L, Carlson B, Mitchell B, Cox M, Westerberg J, Johnson C, Martin P, Tong F, Maier A, Dougherty K
10 Feb. 2022 10.12751/g-node.kvut7v
Dataset of neurons and intracranial EEG from human amygdala during aversive dynamic visual stimulation
Fedele T, Boran E, Chirkov V, Hilfiker P, Grunwald T, Stieglitz L, Jokeit H, Sarnthein J
26 Nov. 2020 10.12751/g-node.270z59
Dataset of simultaneous scalp EEG and intracranial EEG recordings and human medial temporal lobe units during a verbal working memory task
Boran E, Fedele T, Steiner A, Hilfiker P, Stieglitz L, Grunwald T, Sarnthein J
04 Dec. 2019 10.12751/g-node.d76994