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Deviance detection in subthalamic neural population responses to natural stimuli in bats
Wetekam J, Hechavarria J, López-Jury L, González-Palomares E, Kössl M
13 Jul. 2023 10.12751/g-node.5eqq3r
A neuron model with unbalanced synaptic weights explains asymmetric effects of anesthesia on the auditory cortex
Lopez-Jury L, Garcia-Rosales F, Gonzalez-Palomares E, Wetekam J, Pasek M, Hechavarria J
02 Feb. 2023 10.12751/g-node.4s9mm4
The spatial resolution of bat biosonar quantified with a visual-resolution paradigm
Wiegrebe L, Geberl C, Kugler K
04 Apr. 2019 10.12751/g-node.4958fc
Usage learning in bats
Lattenkamp E, Vernes S, Wiegrebe L
16 Jul. 2018 10.12751/g-node.984192