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Simultaneous laminar V1 and V4 recordings during selective attention
van Kempen, Jochem, Boyd, Michael, Thiele, Alexander
14 Dec. 2020 10.12751/g-node.b0mnn2
Massively parallel multi-electrode recordings of macaque motor cortex during an instructed delayed reach-to-grasp task
Brochier, Thomas, Zehl, Lyuba, Hao, Yaoyao, Duret, Margaux, Sprenger, Julia, Denker, Michael, Grün, Sonja, Riehle, Alexa
28 Dec. 2017 10.12751/g-node.f83565
Spiking activity of neurons in macaque dorsal visual cortex during a fixation and saccade task.
Morris, Adam P, Bremmer, Frank, Krekelberg, Bart
28 Jun. 2017 10.12751/g-node.97bc14