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Data for 'Modular architecture facilitates noise-driven control of synchrony in neuronal networks'
Yamamoto H, Spitzner FP, Takemuro T, Buendía V, Murota H, Morante C, Konno T, Sato S, Hirano-Iwata A, Levina A, Priesemann V, Muñoz MA, Zierenberg J, Soriano J
13 Jul. 2023 10.12751/g-node.t77b3p
Source data for Rowland, Van der Plas, Loidolt et al., Propagation of activity through the cortical hierarchy and perception are determined by neural variability
Rowland J, van der Plas T, Loidolt M, Lees R, Keeling J, Dehning J, Akam T, Priesemann V, Packer A
23 Jun. 2023 10.12751/g-node.h27xvl
Goff-et-al-2023 VIP interneuron impairment promotes in vivo circuit dysfunction and autism-related behaviors in Dravet syndrome
Goff K, Somarowthu A, Goldberg E
03 May. 2023 10.12751/g-node.8s1yed
A flexible and versatile system for multi-color fiber photometry and optogenetic manipulation
Formozov A, Dieter A, Wiegert JS
26 Jan. 2023 10.12751/g-node.37lm4m
Mattis-et-al-2022 Corticohippocampal circuit dysfunction in a mouse model of Dravet syndrome
Mattis J, Somarowthu A, Goldberg E
11 Mar. 2022 10.12751/g-node.kxr89n
Dorsal Horn Gastrin-Releasing Peptide Expressing Neurons Transmit Spinal Itch But Not Pain Signals
Albisetti G, Pagani M, Platonova E, Hösli L, Johannssen HC, Fritschy J, Windner H, Zeilhofer HU
10 Jan. 2019 10.12751/g-node.50baa6